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What is berro.com and what are its goals?  

www.berro.com is an evolving American Lebanese site that strives to provide an  index of Lebanese websites along with information about Lebanon's top tourist attractions, and a growing list of famous American Lebanese to those who are interested in Lebanon or anything Lebanese.  While providing this, berro.com tries to maintain royalty of visitors by providing them with entertaining and useful contents.  The entertaining content features funny videos, funny pictures, jokes, fun facts, top international songs, wise thoughts, interesting thoughts and questions, personality tests, ..... and more that were provided by visitors and friends from all over the world and compiled by the webmaster.  The useful content is featured in the tools and featured resources' section where useful java scripts are provided along with online resources for products and services provided by top commercial organizations by which berro.com is affiliated with.  These resources include dating, jobs, hosting, ... and more. 

The ultimate goal is to provide the visitors  more information about Lebanon and the Lebanese people while supplying the same visitors an entertaining and useful content.  Berro.com is not your typical directory of Lebanese sites.  It is an entertaining and resourceful directory of Lebanese sites.  

We hope to continue to be beneficial and entertaining for the site visitors.  Nevertheless, you are kindly invited to submit to us Lebanese website if not already listed in the index, fun facts, jokes, videos, and more.  Please also email us if you feel that this site can be more useful by including more specific online resources.  You can email the webmaster: DBerro@aol.com 

Despite the widespread popularity of berro.com among web surfers worldwide, we hope that you still refer this site to your friends and relatives.  Please also include links to www.berro.com in your hotmail, yahoo, or AOL profiles as a favorite link if you like it enough :-) Also include links in your online groups or blogs.  Berro.com is a client for many advertising programs but it is the visitors and friends of this site who make the biggest difference.  The more exposure berro.com has, the more beneficial and entertaining it will become. 

Please note I take no responsibility for anything expressed here.  All jokes and other stuff are posted for their entertaining value.  This site is just a podium for free speech that I sincerely hope won't offend anyone.

Thank you again for your support :-) 


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