21st Century Lifelessness

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Thoughts for the 21st Century Lifelessness.  I have received this email and I don't know the original author but, there is a little reality in it. I personally have a much more optimistic outlook :-)  Enjoy.


Our communication - Wireless 
Our business - Cashless 
Our telephone - Cordless 
Our cooking - Fireless 
Our youth - Jobless 
Our religion - Creedless 
Our food - Fatless 
Our faith - Godless 
Our labor - Effortless 
Our conduct - Worthless 
Our relation - Loveless 
Our attitude - Careless 
Our feelings - Heartless 
Our politics - Shameless 
Our education - Valueless 
Our Follies - Countless 
Our arguments - Baseless 
Our commitment - Aimless 
Our poor - Voiceless 
Our life - Meaningless 




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21st Century Lifelessness
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