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This page is being transformed into a new Section. 

Visit the Funny Video Clips ( )for the newest collection of the funniest American, European, ... international video clips.

Please tell your friends: New Videos added

You can still view directly the old funniest clips directly from this page.  Click on the link for each and it will play in Windows Media Player, Quick Time, or Real Player. 

||Anti-smoking Funny Clip || Arguing Twins ||BMW Saving Lives and Cheating Husbands ||Breast Exam By Eager Teenagers ||Cute Cats || Dreamy German Commercial || Electric Shock Prank || Fanta Sneeze || Fidel Castro Complaining For not Getting A Decent Beer || French Gentleman || Friends Dirty Prank ||Fun and Sexy Video Messaging || Getting Directions Risks in California || Danish Glass Door Prank || Hi Jack Funny Accident || Indian Genius in Designing a Custom make car || Jamaican Hair and Gettting a Beer || Karate Chimp || Learn to Drive || Funny and Sexy Life Saver || Lingerie Effect || Lotto Fun Ad || Matrix Parody || Menopausal Women - Menopause and Women Funny Video Clip| Michael Schumacher || Moonwalk Seducing Dance - Michael Jackson: Eat Your Heart Out || Motorcycles Funny Commercial || Motorcycles Sounds || Pleasures of Life || Fun Ad for Renting a Car || Room 808 - Seduction 101 || Second Thoughts || Sensitive and Delicate Woman - Good European Ad || Video Conferencing || WMD or Not || Young Woman Old Man Ikea Ad ||

Please note that I am no way advocating any products or services presented in the clips, I am sharing these films because they are so fun, smart, and entertaining intrinsic value.

A broadband connection is recommended for fast viewing; nevertheless, all these humorous clips are really worth watching and waiting for to load. Some clips are both funny and sexy thus they would be appreciated more by mature visitors, some might be considered somehow dirty or funny-dirty multimedia by some, but there is no porn posted or no adult materials shared.  The clips are posted in different formats: mpeg, mpeg2, wmv, mpe, avi, and asf.  You can refer your friends, preferably adults,  to this page by telling them about or by copying and pasting the above URL into your messages to them.  Thanks for all my friends who are helping in building this page.   To set us as your home page, click on the red text below.  

This is a new collection.  Please help me to grow it by sending me your funniest movie clips.  Thanks for all the great friends who are making this happen.


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