One Groom: Two Brides

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One Groom - Two Brides - One Wedding Night

These pictures are circulating in the Arab World with the comments inserted below.  They show a Jordanian man who married two women and had one wedding in the same night for all three of them.  What I find especially strange is how some people are celebrating such thing.  Basically, the comment is mocking up the situation by saying:

By God, this guy is witty!.  He took the short road from the beginning.  This strong and brave Jordanian!  No one can imagine being in his situation!!  God Bless him and God help him on this disaster!  No one can do what he did.  Strong Groom!  Two brides in the same night!


والله انه يفهم اختصر الطريق من اوله

اردنيَ شجاع و مقدام و مافي حد يقدر حتى يفكر يتخيل حالة في موقعة , الله يباركلة و يعينة على البلوى

احد يقدر يعمل مثله

عـريـس قـوي !

عروستين في ليلة واحدة !




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