American Lebanese Entertainers

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Famous Entertainers/Celebrities of Lebanese Descent

  1. Amy Yazbeck: Actress / Wings,  Problem Child, Robin Hood Men in Tights.
  2. Casey Kasem: Radio Show Host / Top 40
  3. Danny Thomas: Actor / Make Room For Daddy
  4. Don Bustanty: Producer / American Top 40 and American Country Countdown.
  5. Elie Samaha: Owner / Franchise Pictures - The whole nine yards, The pledge, Battle Field Earth, Driven, Heist, Exit Wounds.
  6. F. Murray Abraham: Actor / Amadeus
  7. Fouad Said: Cinematographer / I Spy
  8. G.E. Smith: Bandleader / Saturday Night Live
  9. George S. Dibie: President/ International Photographers Guild
  10. Herbert Khaury: Folk Singer / Tiny Tim
  11. Jack Hanna: Host / Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures
  12. James Stacy: Actor / Lancer
  13. Jamie Farr: Actor / MASH
  14. John Bowab: Director / Soap, Benson, Bosom Buddies, The Cosby Show
  15. Kathy Najimy: Actress /  Veronica's Closet, Sister Act, Rat Race
  16. Khrystyne Haje: Actress / Head of the Class
  17. Kristy McNicols: Actress / Family
  18. Mario Kassar: Producer /  Rambo, Terminator Series, and Total Recall
  19. Marlo Thomas: Actress / That Girl.
  20. Michael Ansara / Actor / "Cochise" in the 1960s TV series, “Broken Arrow”
  21. Michael Nouri: Actor / Flashdance
  22. Michael Tadross: Production Manager / Die Hard III, Devil's Advocate
  23. Rima Fakih: Miss Michigan and Miss USA 2010
  24. Sally Khoury: Writer / Oscar Winner / Thelma and Louise
  25. Salma Hayek: Actress / Desperado, Fools Rush In, The Hunchback, Wild Wild West Dogma, Frida
  26. Shakira: Columbian-Lebanese-American Singer
  27. Shannon Elizabeth (Fadal): Actress / American Pie movie
  28. Tom Shidyac: Director / Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, The Nutty Professor, and Bruce Almighty
  29. Tony Shalhoub: Actor / Men In Black, Monk
  30. Tony Thomas: Producer
  31. Yamila Diaz (Rahi): Model / Sports Illustrated, Victoria's Secret


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