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The Lebanese fashion and modeling industry combines elegance and charming taste.  Here are some of the best in this field, not only in Lebanon, but also in the world.

Fashion Designers:

  1. Basil Soda Couture: Great collection of wedding gowns and evening dresses by the world renowned Lebanese fashion designer.

  2. Camille Chamoun 

  3. Catherine Saad: A renowned fashion and crafts designer.

  4. Ella Zahlan: Haute Couture. Young Lebanese fashion designer for high quality wedding dresses, Night dresses and Lingerie.

  5. Gentleman 

  6. Designer Hanna Touma -Haute Coutre:  Popular Middle Eastern Fashion Designer. Hanna's recent collection offers skillfully made combinations of muslin organza and lace delicately worked to fit women's bodies with range and elegance.

  7. Harley Davidson 

  8. Izzat Daouk & Sons  

  9. Janine Asmar 

  10. Joseph Abi Nader Fashion 

  11. Joseph Eid 

  12. Kaslik Street Stores 

  13. Milam 

  14. Manix 

  15. Modern Style 

  16. Nanael 

  17. Naboulsi Men's Wear 

  18. Nahed Boutique 

  19. Pierre Katra 

  20. QuikSilver 

  21. Rectangle Jaune 

  22. Robert Abi Nader Haute Couture: One of the best Lebanese fashion designers. 

  23. Samia Boutique

  24. Sentimentalny 


  1. Joe Sassine


  1. Gemayel Jewelery

  2. Joseph Abi Nader

Make Up Artists and Hair Stylists

  1. Butterfly: Sameer Younes

  2. Coiffure Liban

  3. Fadi Ibrahim

  4. Fadi Kataya

  5. Salon Ghattas

  6. Roula Riachi

  7. Simon El Mendelek


More resources:

  • Focus on Style
  • Magic Hair
  • Embroidery made in Lebanon: LinenVelvet: Embroidered Tablecloth, Cushions, Runners, Bed Covers & Sheets, Mats, Towels sets, Bathrobes, Curtains, Wall Panels & Furniture. Perfection in Embroidery made in Lebanon, Traditional & Modern.

If your favorite fashion site is not listed here please email me its name or URL by clicking here.








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