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  1. American University of Beirut Medical Center 

  2. Abou Jaoude

  3. Al Koura

  4. Dar Al-Ajaza

  5. Fouad Khoury Hospital 

  6. Institution Mgr. Cortbawi: The Rehabilitation

  7. Makassed

  8. Sahel

  9. The Eye and Ear Center

  Health and Beauty Services, Equipment, and Supplies

  1. Biomedical Works / Lebanon, is specialized in the laboratory, hospital and medical industries. Provides accreditation, maintenance and repair services. Supplies new and refurbished equipment and spare parts from reputable and reliable Canadian, American, and European manufacturers


  1. Mazen Pharmacy

  2. Para-Pharmacie La Colline

Health and Beauty Services, Equipment, and Supplies

  1. Alfa Laboratories: Servicing the medical and pharmaceutical establishments in Lebanon.

  2. Appolo Hair Clinic

  3. Artdent World

  4. Berlant Beauty Institute

  5. Boecker

  6. CEM Weight Watchers 

  7. Chaftari Medical Shoes

  8. Chronic Care Center

  9. Dima Health Care

  10. DMD Laboratories: Sterigel: Selling bactericides, fungicides and viricides.

  11. Eastern Scientific Medical Technology Company

  12. Esco : Eastern Scientific Company sarl: Provides cutting-edge scientific equipment, instruments, glassware and supplies for physics, chemistry and biology to the educational institutions, laboratories, hospitals and factories.

  13. Fast Modular Products and Services S.A.L. Holding: Provides medical and hospital supplies worldwide. Includes links to the web sites of group companies, namely Bioteck and Electra Engineering, featuring the inventories of each one.

  14. Frem Multispeciality Clinic

  15. F & S Computer Doctor

  16. Home Care Lebanon

  17. Khayat Medical: Hospital products like operating room equipment, ultrasound systems, medical gazes, hospital furniture, cardiac monitoring, ambulances, overbed mounted units, nurse call systems, oxygen generators, mammography, x-ray tables, kitchen, laundry, incinerator and holter services.

  18. Labora Health Care: cosmetics and medical supplies, Beirut, Lebanon. Veniece, natural body care products

  19. Laser Vision

  20. MedConsul Middle-East :Leading medical consulting company in marketing medical equipment features products, services available, and engineering projects.

  21. MedNet Liban

  22. Milta Moyen-Orient: Exclusive reseller of Milta products, specializing in the design and manufacturing of medical equipment based on the quantum medicine theory. Includes a list of services offered, and information on the technique used.

  23. Patient Transport Services

  24. Pharmamed : pharmaceutical products and medical supplies. Specializing in chemotherapy, cardiology, neurology, anesthesiology.

  25. Société Libanaise de Chirurgie Générale

  26. Taba Chemipharm: Licensed by the Ministry of Health to import and distribute pharmaceutical and medical accessories. Medicines, cosmetics, pharmaceutical supplies and accessories.

  27. Plastic Surgery Institute



  1. Dr. Elie Gharios: Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Of Plastic Surgery Center in Beirut.

  2. Nabil Khalil Chaftari Orthopedic Medical Shoes: Specialazed in medical shoes since 1927. 

  3. Dr. Ibrahim Melki/ The Clinic for Plastic Surgery :State of the art clinic for all your cosmetic surgery needs located in the heart of the capital Beirut.

  4. Dr. Said Mekkawi: Dr. Mekkawi is a specialist in artificial insemination technology resulting in successful pregnancies.

  5. Dr Ghazi Hajjar: A plastic surgeon based in Beirut, specializing in all aspects of reconstructive, plastic and cosmetic surgery. Stated goal as plastic and cosmetic surgeon is to achieve a positive, natural outcome in our Beirut Lebanon clinic


  1. Pet Care Vetenary Clinic, Dr. Ali Hamade

Dentists and Dental Associations:

  1. Dr. Ziad Jalbout

  2. Lebanese Dental Association (LDA) - Ordre des Dentistes

  3. Order of Specialists of the Dental Laboratory Services in Lebanon 


More Resources


  1. Institute for Development of Research and Applied Care: A non-profit, non-governmental organization which has been conducting mental health research since 1995. Features information on psychiatric and psychological instruments, training programs, and mental health studies.

  2. Lebanese Dietetic Association: Non-governmental non-profit organization, a reference for scientifically based nutrition and food science information. Includes lists of services, activities, and members

  3. Lebanonhealth: A good source of Lebanese Health related information.

  4. LebaneseDoctors.com: Profiles of doctors, hospitals, clinics, and drug stores, as well as baby names and healthy recipes.

  5. Yardemian: An excellent health site promoting better life style and health in Lebanon.  Home of the renowned Lebanese clinical dietitian Carla Yardemian.




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