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This evolving site is proudly partnered with these great sites:

The Beirut Marathon Association (BMA) is a non-profit non-governmental organization registered under the Ministry of Youth and Sports. BMA was founded in August 2001 with the purpose of organizing the annual Beirut International Marathon in Lebanon. The Beirut International Marathon (BIM) is an annual event that takes place every October in Beirut. The first ever BIM was held on October 19, 2003 and attracted over 6,000 runners from 49 different countries and tens of thousands of spectators in Lebanon and around the world. These numbers doubled in the 2004 Beirut International Marathon. In addition to promoting running, health, and personal achievement, the BIM also has a humanitarian dimension that aims at making a difference in other people's lives through sports - A site about Lebanon and its heritage, the people and the peace, the art and poems, the beauty and the greatness of the Lebanese world.



Daleel California: First Arabic directory for all types of businesses in California.  The site also features miscellaneous useful content.

Leb Events: A unique French Lebanese informative sites for Lebanese community related events, shows, concerts, ... across Paris and France.

Leb Events dont le but est de promouvoir l'ensemble des évènements libanais qui ont lieu à Paris tels que des soirées, spectacles, expositions, concerts, manifestations ect...

DaleelAustralia:  The First Australian Lebanese Portal.  Great content, design, and features.

Top Lebanese Websites - Click Here Site of the Lebanese community in New Jersey Resourceful active site of the top Lebanese websites. 

Cedarseed: A unique Lebanese site featuring pictures, famous Lebanese, jokes, poems, links and more.  Highly recommended. A plethora of pictures about Lebanon that can be downloaded or sent as post cards.

The Prophet by Khalil Gibran: A multimedia tribute combining the effects of wonderful images and music with the timeless wisdom of the Great Gibran Khalil Gibran.

Lebworld: A unique Lebanese Site with a mission to show the world the real beautiful and wonderful Lebanon.  The site features cultural information, maps, pictures, ....and wonderful Nokia and Ericsson ring tones. 

Ma3loumat: One of the best informative sites about Lebanon.  It is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and could be considered truly a unique eye to Lebanon. A Pan Arab leading portal with a excellent information and business opportunities flow and exchange. 

Lebanon Buoquet:  Order great flowers and have them delivered anywhere in Lebanon.  Support the flower and roses' industry in Lebanon by utilizing this service. A non profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of professional Lebanese worldwide.  The site offers job opportunities that might benefit you greatly. Home page of the Lebanese director Ricardo Mbarak.  The site offers a preview of Mbarak's work, contact information, and a brief biography. An excellent site about the 2nd largest city in Lebanon.  Visit to benefit and enjoy the great informative features of this site.


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