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Benefit from the power of the web by using these web based tools.  First time users will experience slight delay while applet loads for the java based tools.

  • Birthday Useful Tool: This java based tool will tell you on what day of the week you were born in.
  • Dictionary Useful Tool: Find the meaning, pronunciation, etymology of any word in formal English.
  • Encryption Useful Tool: Send encrypted messages to your friends and family or decipher encrypted messages sent with this tool.
  • Financial Insight Tool:  This tool contains the most popular of financial calculators:  Calculators for credit cards balances, mortgage loans, auto loans, and saving accounts.
  • Funds and Scholarships Search Tool:  This tool helps to locate funding for your small business or science research.  It is also instrumental in finding scholarships in the Science area. 
  • Hijri Gregorian Calendar Converter: A very useful tool for those who want to convert dates from Islamic to Christian calendar and vice versa along with some useful facts.  Also check the 2005 AD - 1425-26 HJ Calendar.
  • Portfolio Insight Tool: This powerful tool will help you do your own stock analysis and in making smarter investing decisions.
  • Meta Tags Maker: A java script application that helps webmasters improve their webpages.
  • Nutritional Insight Tool:  Calculate your needed daily caloric intake from each food group based upon current and desired body weight and exercise frequency.
  • Registration Tool: A link to help you register the domain name you are interested in.
  • World Time Tool: Use this tool to find the current time in any major city across the world.





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