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In this channel I will try to amuse you with some facts, sillies, jokes, or what ever could bring a smile to your face :-)  Please visit again as I post more and remember to email me at if you have anything interesting or funny to add.

Here are some interesting facts, or what some call useless knowledge,  that I was able to collect from reading, surfing the web, ....., and from my friends' emails.  It will be great if you contribute to the lists by emailing me any additional interesting or fun facts.


Also, please view this list of phrases we wanted to say or we heard at work.  I used some of these phrases and I wish I could use some of the rest:-)

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  • Interesting questions: More of questions like: If a man is standing in the middle of the forest speaking and
    there is no woman around to hear he still wrong?  I will leave the answer to you.
  • Sillies: Do you know why Gorillas have big nostrils?  Because they have big fingers!!! lol.  If you like this then you will like the content of this page.


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