Alcatel Phone Models

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List of Alcatel Phones Models

OT-S853 OT-C555 OT-C551 OT-C656 OT-C652 OT-C651 OT-E256 OT-E252 OT-E159 OT-E158 OT-E157 OT 757 OT 355 OT 156 OT 155 OT 153 OT 756 OT 565 OT 557 OT 556 OT 835 OT 735i OT 735 OT 535 = OT 531 OT 332 OT 331 OT 526 OT 320 OT 525 OT 715 OT 512 OT 311 OT 511 OT 700 OT 500 OT 300 OT View db @ OT Pocket OT View db OT Max db OT Easy db OT Gum db OT Club db OT COM OT Pro OT Easy HF OT Easy OT Club OT Club + OT Max OT View HC 1000

Remember the following factors when you chose your cell. You need to research and study:

  • The General Network: e.g: GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900
  • The Size Dimensions: In mm or in inches.  The volume is also a factor
  • The Weight in grams or in ounzes
  • The Display Type and Size: e.g. TFT, 256 colors, how many pixels..  Is the display glass scratch-resistant? Can you download wallpaper and screensavers
  • Ringtones: AAC, MP3, Ployphonic...
  • Vibration
  • Memory Address Book: How many entries can be saved
  • Call records: How many dialed, received, and missed can it save, 20...
  • Internal memory: 64 MB, 90 MB..
  • Data speed: Higher than 200 kbps is good (EDGE).  Higher than 30 kbps in GPRS is also good.
  • Messaging: Instant Messaging, SMS, EMS, MMS, and EMail
  • TV: Can it receive TV signals
  • Additional Features: Clock Alarm Infrared port Games Camera what type (SVGA...) and how many pixelsvideo (QCIF) Bluetooth EDGE FM radio Java MIDP 2.0 WAP 2.0 Calendar Pop-port  Calculator xHTML browser MP3/AAC player Built-in handsfree T9
  • Battery Life: What type: Lithium Ion, .. What many hours does it last on standby? How many hours does it last with talk time?
  • Charger: Is it universal?  Can you use it for example in Lebanon or in the United States or Europe
  • The price: Is it worth it? Can you hold on the additional features till the price go down as technology improves so quickly?
  • Who is the Carrier and what kind of plan do they offer? In the United States the most famous are: Alltel, AT&T Wireless, CellularOne,  Cingular Wireless, Cricket, MetroPCs, Nextel, Qwest, Southern LINC, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile,  U.S. Cellular, Verizon Wireless, and Virgin Mobile.  I personally have Cingular Wireless.


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