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Welcome to the useful and popular American Lebanese www.berro.com fun web site.  You can now follow me on Twitter (berro or http://twitter.com/berro) to get berro.com updates, quick jokes, fun facts....,


Latest Fun Facts Added:


  • The number 39 is considered unlucky by so many in Afghanistan

  • Low frequencies sounds are heard by babies inside the womb

  • Humming bird is the only bird that can fly backwards

  • The vagina and the eye are self-cleaning organs

  • Seatbelts first became mandatory in 1984

  • The sperm count of the average American male is down 30 percent from 30 years ago.


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New Links:

  • Arabic Editor:  English-French-Arabic technical and non-technical Certified & Notarized translation by a certified, Lebanese translator with over 25 years experience (Barhoum Khoury, MBA). All types of documents accepted, from birth certificates to large technical reports and whole websites localization, no automatic translators used. Fast, friendly and competitive rates. Added to Useful Arabian Links

  • Rima Fakih: Miss USA 2010 added to the list of famous American Lebanese entertainers

  • Dr Ghazi Hajjar: A plastic surgeon based in Beirut, Lebanon Specializing in all aspects of reconstructive, plastic and cosmetic surgery.  Added to the Lebanese Medical Links

  • Untraditional Woman - Website of the Egyptian author and Poet Azza El Wakeel.  Added to the Arabian Useful Links.

  • Lebanon Business Network (LBN) is a non-profit, business development vehicle. Featuring an online marketplace and a business matching database, it identifies opportunities and creates links between Lebanese entrepreneurs, expatriates, and international businesses. LBN seeks to introduce Lebanese businesses and individuals to international business opportunities, which can include strategic alliances, joint ventures, related partnerships and trading. Added to the Lebanese Financial/Business Links.

  • Sakan Real Estate Lebanon: A real estate broker in Beirut - Lebanon, apartments, offices, land, villas. Added to the Lebanese Financial/Business Links.

  • Discover Lebanon: Discover Lebanon panorama pictures, tourism tour in Lebanon, guide directory, maps, Lebanese forum, posters, chat rooms, weather forecast, white pages, hotels reservations, and movies.  Added to the Lebanese Tourism Links.

  • Biomedical Works / Lebanon, is specialized in the laboratory, hospital and medical industries. Provides accreditation, maintenance and repair services. Supplies new and refurbished equipment and spare parts from reputable and reliable Canadian, American, and European manufacturers.  Added to the Lebanese Medical Links

  • Rmeish: A website with history info and photo galleries about this beautiful southern Lebanese village.  Added to the Lebanese Cities Links




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