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I enjoy and appreciate arts.  In this page I am posting links to the websites of the best museums in the world. May this expand  your artistic horizon:-) 

  • Cleveland Museum of Arts   US.
  • The Detroit Institute of Arts:  US.  Check out the Ancient Arts collection and Frankenthaler's "The Bay".
  • Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco: US.  Huge data base of images, more than 70,000.  The site features also works by Rodin and Rembrandt.
  • Galleria Delgi Uffizi:  Italy. Excellent quality pictures are shown for top Italian artists' works like Botticelli, Veronse, and Giorgione.
  • Hermitage Museum: Russia. The  site contains information and excellent quality images of the best 2000 holdings in the museum that contains more than three millions of the world's masterpieces.  
  • Musee du Louvre: France, The best museum I have visited.  The website offers you virtual tours, without the crowd that almost chocked me in 1997,  to review some of the best works in the world.  From the Mona Lisa to The Raft of Medusa, from Venus de Milo to the Victory of Samothrace, the site is definitely worth your visit.           
  • Museo Nacional del Prado: Spain. Modest but intelligently chosen collection of superb art work is shown.  The Site also offers you the chance to send unique greeting cards.                  
  • National Gallery of Art:  US. Brilliant site with the most elegant look of the art work where the background pages are designed to resemble the texture of the presented art work.  Worth your visit.   

Other Excellent Museums.  

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