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Singers and Composers

  1. 4 Cats
  2. Ahmad Kaabour
  3. Aline Khalaf
  4. " (AMA) all.mighty.ameer ": Website of the Detroit based Arab American rapper Adam Shoucair. 

  5. Amin Sultan
  6. Assi Halani
  7. Clotaire K: Home of the French Lebanese rapper.  His site features great photos from Lebanon beside the good music. 
  8. Diana Haddad
  9. Diana Haddad2  
  10. Elissa
  11. Fairouz
  12. George Wassouf 1
  13. George Wassouf 2
  14. Ghassan Saliba 
  15. Hayfa Wehbe.  Also known as Haifa Wehbe.
  16. Julia Boutros
  17. Lydia Canaan: Official website with bio, news, music, lyrics, videos, fanclub, ecards, contacts etc
  18. Marcel Khalife
  19. Magida El Roumi
  20. Melhem or Melhim Zein
  21. Maya Nasri or Maya Nassri
  22. Nadia
  23. Najwa Karam
  24. Nancy Ajram
  25. Nawal El-Zoughbi
  26. Nicolas Osta
  27. Paul Jabara: A web site by Triumph Entertainment honoring the late great American Lebanese composer, singer, actor, and producer, Pual Jabara
  28. Ragheb Alame
  29. Rabii El-Khawli
  30. Rayana
  31. Sabah
  32. Sam; DJ PlaZma: Personal site featuring music downloads and work of an American Lebanese DJ. 
  33. Setrak Setrakian: Setrak Setrakian, Composer & Pianist, Former Director of Ganatchian Music College/Beirut, Professor of Piano, Harmony and Composition.
  34. Tony Kiwan
  35. Wael Kfoury
  36. Walid Toufic
  37. Yara Ghorra and Eliana Abou Ghanem: A unique duo singing in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.
  38. Yuri Mrakadi


More Lebanese Music Resources

  1. Almonologue: A single take by Charbel Abi Nader about the political and social situation in Lebanon.  (Chansonnier)
  2. Latest Lebanese Music
  3. Songees: Send a song or a joke to any phone #.
  4. LebJazz.com: LebJAZZ.net covers all activity in the Lebanese Jazz scene
  5. Lebrocks: Unique
  6. LebaneseBands.com 
  7. Music of Lebanon.com 
  8. Ghassan Yummine Music School
  9. Online Piano Lessons By Setrak Setrakian: Lebanese Concert Pianist and Composer. Added to the Lebanese Music Links.
  10. OArabs: Arab American Social Networking Site: Singles' Profiles, Music, Chat, Events, and more. The site features thousands of Sexy Arabs, Arabic Music Video, Chatting and Networking with Arab friends.  Arabic Music Arabic Music Search for Arabic Music videos

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